English, Music & Drama Building. Bablake School. Coventry

The Music and Drama and English Building at Bablake School, Coventry was won in competition and undertaken through our joint venture company with Richard S Baily.

The site is within 20m of a railway line and the project brief dictated that the Music and Drama areas should as far as possible be insulated from railway noise and vibration.

The main entrance is below the music Rehearsal Room at the front of the building and has a long span coffered ceiling. This space is used as a refreshment area for concerts and an area for spontaneous music and drama performances and exhibitions.

Service and changing rooms and toilets are located along the end elevation nearest to the railway and act as an acoustic buffer, and with the Music and English teaching rooms along each side enclose the Drama Studio and Orchestral and Choral Rehearsal Spaces within the building.

The Drama Studio is effectively a building within a building, and walls and floor float on special rubber pads specified in conjunction with the acoustics engineer, which insulate the studio from vibration borne noise.

There is a permanent gallery and retractable seating giving a capacity for performances of 200 people.

The ceiling of the Drama Studio is supported on open triangular tubular framed trusses accessible from second floor level with walking decks in each allowing the lighting to be adjusted by students.

The Drama Studio accommodates Headmaster’s assemblies, daily drama teaching, rehearsal space for end of term performances, productions by both drama and music departments, and use by non-school organizations.

The building is situated at one end of the main school which is “locally listed”. The exterior of the building uses brick, reconstructed stone, glass blocks and a tiled roof.

We have worked on a number of other Music and Drama projects at Alderman Smith School, Nuneaton, Lavington School and Sheldon School in Wiltshire and Blue Coat C of E School in Coventry.

At Bablake School we have also designed new Science Laboratories, CDT Department, Sixth Form Centre, a lighting scheme for the main entrance and circulation areas in the original building, carried out an Access Audit and prepared an Access Plan.