Library & I.T. Centre. Blue Coat School, Coventry

The Blue Coat School Library and IT Centre was designed to provide a single storey flexible space.

There are three areas for computer use accommodating 30 students each, which can be open to the central space or divided off for teaching purposes.

The centre of the building accommodates mobile book shelving which can be rearranged to provide a larger space for meetings, seminars and conferences.

The building is at the entrance to the campus and provides a reception and waiting area for visitors to the school, and is a facility for members of the local community using the building out of school hours.

The building has a pyramidal slate roof with a central rooflight and a generous overhang above the continuous clerestorey windows. External walls are brickwork to match the existing buildings.

The central rooflight brings sunlight into the central space and the continuous clerestorey windows maximise the amount of wallspace available for shelving and display. The generous eaves overhang reduces glare. The building is air conditioned to reduce the heat gain from the computers.

An external bridge links the Library to the adjacent two storey Sixth Form Centre which is half a floor lower.