Nottingham University MRI Centre

Phase 1 of the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Building at Nottingham University was designed to accommodate the research department of Sir Peter Mansfield, awarded the Nobel Prize for the invention of the MRI Scanner.

The magnets used in the MRI process demanded the use of non ferrous construction in their immediate area, where timber and stainless steel was used. They create magnetic fields contained within oval shaped areas bounded by gauss lines, which increase in size with the power of the particular magnet and which need to be kept secure from intruders who might be adversely affected by the magnetic forces.

The magnetic forces are therefore accommodated in separate wings to the main building.

Within the main building are offices and meeting spaces for researchers together with small laboratories.

Phase 2 was constructed to provide additional space for research and a laboratory for the world’s third largest magnet.

We have carried out other research, teaching and sports building projects at Warwick, Nottingham, Birmingham and Coventry Universities.