St Nicholas Church Hall Kenilworth

St Nicholas Church Hall is in High Street across the road from St Nicholas Church. Completed in 1911 the building has been updated to provide facilities to serve the Church and the local community. Considerable research was carried out by the PCC to establish the pattern of future use and the reorganization which would be necessary to accommodate it. The objective was to provide spaces which would be useful to the church work and also attractive to outside community and private users. As the Church Hall Architects, VB Architects have been involved in a continuous dialogue with the PCC and the appointed working party and acted as Client Advisors in helping to establish the design brief. The work has included the overhaul of the building fabric and services, energy conservation, extensions and internal alterations to bring the building to a fitness for purpose standard and importantly to compare favourably with alternative meeting places in the town. The building now has a modernized main hall with storage for the various users, a modernized entrance and toilets, disabled access, rooms for smaller gatherings, a catering kitchen, first floor office space which has become our studio and improved access to a new garden at the side of the hall. The emphasis has been on close collaboration with the clients and during the fund raising period the project has been remodelled and value engineering exercises applied. The renovation was completed in time for the centenary of the building.